Are glass bottles or plastic bottles used for cosmetic packaging?

The types of cosmetics are liquid, cream, cream, and powder. It does not have a beautiful visual appearance, so it must be sold on the market only through a beautiful packaging design. Cosmetics are completely dependent on packaging, and their characteristics are reflected in perfect packaging.
The main packaging materials are: glass, plexiglass, plastic tubes, cartons, etc. The cartons are mainly used for outer packaging.
Although there are many types of cosmetics on the market and different shapes, in terms of their external shape and packaging adaptability, they are nothing more than the following categories: solid cosmetics, powder cosmetics, liquid cosmetics, cream cosmetics, cream cosmetics, etc. According to different forms, packaging forms are also different.
As far as the current situation is concerned, due to the light weight and low price of plastic, it is easy to form large-scale production. It can be made into bottles of various specifications and sizes, transparent, opaque and various colors, and has strong printing performance. Printing methods such as thermal transfer, inkjet, etc. directly print instructions, icons, two-dimensional codes, and barcodes on the surface of the container. Therefore, plastic products have occupied about 80% of the cosmetic packaging market. Become the most important packaging material in the cosmetics industry.
Glass products are crystal clear, visually giving people a sense of tallness, which is also a very popular packaging material for high-end cosmetics. However, due to the particularity of the glass material, the relatively single shape, difficult printing, fragility, and high processing costs, the glass has a low share in the cosmetic packaging field.
After the emergence of plexiglass, it has gradually expanded its share in the cosmetic packaging field. Compared with glass: it can also be crystal clear, high in toughness, not fragile, easy to cut and easy to shape, in terms of printing: thermal transfer, inkjet printing , Engraving and other printing processing methods. Can completely replace glass.

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